What Questions Must You Ask While Choosing a Roofing Contractor?

Selecting a roofing contractor to repair or install your residential or commercial roof is just as vital as selecting the best type of materials. Once your roof repair or installation is done right the first time, it can definitely boost your home value. But if it’s poorly done, it could ditch your resources and materials because of constant repairs, and in the worst-case scenarios could result in property damage. Because of this, we have listed the major questions that you need to ask your prospective roofing contractor before you choose them:

Do you have a website? What is your business address?

Everyone would love to collaborate with an established and reputable contractor. Working with a roofing company, which has a physical address, can help you be guaranteed that you get a location where you can follow up and speak with them if ever you have any concerns about the services. Also, see if the website of that company has reliable details about their local phone numbers, their history, and what they do.

How long have you operated in this industry?

You will need to work with a roofing company that’s already assisted and managed different and several types of roofing problems. Or you need to choose a contractor who already has at least 10 years of roofing practice.

Do you own insurance and license?

This question might be the most apparent of all, particularly in places where it is mandatory to have business licenses. But, this isn’t always the case, since there is a possibility that the license of a particular contractor have expired. A roofing company should have at least a liability insurance cover for the workers.

Will you do the task yourself or hire a subcontractor?

Nothing is really wrong if your roofing company will hire subcontractors for other portions of the job needed to be done. But, you have to guarantee that the subcontractors won’t just be insured and licensed. They must also have the right tools and equipment and enough experience to complete the job right the first time.

Do you have a list of finished references and completed projects?

You can get some information about the things you can expect from a particular roofing company if you speak to their previous clients. You need to push through beyond the list of what your prospective roofing company provided you and inspect reviews on their website or even on social media platforms where they can be seen.

Will you give me a detailed proposal in writing?

A proposal in writing must have information such as the payment process, approximately how long it would take to finish the project when it will begin, and the scope of work. Without a signed and written proposal, you’ll get no recourse and you can possibly be held liable should there any issues that come during the process.

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